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Connect 7

An assessment for growing healthy connection
Do you feel disconnected in areas of your life? At work, at home, or in your community?

Do you struggle to be present and bring your best self to the surface?

The Connect 7 assessment tool will help you begin the journey toward a more whole, healed, and connected life.

If you’re ready to get honest and take stock of where you’re at in your personal development, we’ve designed Connect 7 just for you.
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"When we are fueled by connection, we awaken to our true selves, rise with resilience, lead with courage and grit, and inspire others with grace and accountability."

—Karen J. Hardwick
If you have people entrusted to your care at work or at home, I have news for you, you are a leader.

Collectively, we are becoming more and more disconnected from the very things that make us human, whole, and connected to the world around us. But, by creating and sustaining healthy connections you have the power to change your life and the hearts and lives of those around you.

Connect 7 is a free, self-guided assessment on the seven strategies of connection and how you can become more present, awaken your best self, and discover a stronger, more connected leader within.

All my best,
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